August 2018 - Feeling overwhelmed?


School is back in session and fall is almost upon us. We can sense change and a faster pace of life from the lazy days of summer. This increase in activity, comes at a cost, with stress levels rising along with the quickened tempo of life and our traffic.

The human physical body (Homo-sapiens), has not changed much in the over 200,000 years since our ancient ancestors first walked the...


July 2018 - Remember Your First Yoga Class?

Remember Your First Yoga Class?

If it was like mine, it felt a bit awkward, somewhat frustrating and you wondered, “how much longer until savasana?” Then a few hours after class you felt euphoric and experienced your first “yoga glow.” You were so glad you made the commitment to yourself and went to that class.

During your first month, you may have gone almost every day, trying all the different teachers and styles. In no...