July 2018 - Remember Your First Yoga Class?

Remember Your First Yoga Class?

If it was like mine, it felt a bit awkward, somewhat frustrating and you wondered, “how much longer until savasana?” Then a few hours after class you felt euphoric and experienced your first “yoga glow.” You were so glad you made the commitment to yourself and went to that class.

During your first month, you may have gone almost every day, trying all the different teachers and styles. In no time you started to feel comfortable on the mat and noticed something different in the way your body felt and the way you looked at the world.

They say after 30-days of regular yoga practice you feel the difference, after 90-days you see the difference and after a year you have a whole new body, with a mind that is steady and focused.

Next thing you know, life gets in the way. That new job, family needs or a number of reasons, you miss a few classes at first, then the weeks go by; before you know it, you lose sync with your regular practice. I'm not sure I know a yogi who has never had to take the brave step of starting again.

“We are always at a new beginning,” - The Buddha

When you do come back, while you will feel the tightness in your hip and hamstrings, you will quickly find the mental imprint of all your previous practices; in no time you will pick up right where you left off.

Know that we are waiting for you with arms wide open at the Energy Yoga. You never owe anyone an explanation. Just come enjoy the welcoming, uplifting vibe at the Energy Yoga and explore getting back at your own pace.

Know that once you are a yogi, you are always a yogi. If now is not the right time for you to resume formal practice, remember you are a yogi every time you practice mindfulness, consciously breathing, noticing the miracles of life all around you; the colors of a sunset, the breeze across your face, the eyes of a child and every time you connect with something greater than yourself.

At Energy Yoga, there are no strangers, only friends you have not yet met.

See You On The Mat,

David Yglesias

President & Founder RYT-500