Cycle of a River

The cycle of a mighty river begins at the base of a mountain. Just a slight spring of water bubbling up from the rocks, like the nurturing tears from a joyful Mother Earth.

The small stream combines with others, eventually forming a cascading river of powerful trans-formative water. The river shapes the land it comes into contact with, appearing to be on a mission to reach the sea. Along the way the river distributes nutrients and life sustaining waters to plants and animals that it encounters. In the ultimate sacrifice it gives every remaining part of itself into the sea, combining its powerful force with other rivers forming a sea of life.

Much like that life giving river, we deplete so much of ourselves daily, tending to the needs of others. We need to take time to replenish our cycle and source of abundant energy, like a mountain top soaking in the rain. If we do not take care of ourselves, our ability to help transform the world around us will dry up; we become an empty river with no power.

Take time this week to nurture and tend to your soul. Get lost doing something that brings you joy and you are passionate about.