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David Yglesias


  • Yoga Alliance Certification Level: E-RYT 500, Licensed Massage Therapist & Kinesiologists, with over 8,500 hours of teacher experience.
  • Where is your hometown? Coconut Grove, FL
  • What do you enjoy doing when not on the mat? I love the freedom of riding my bike. I grew up being on the water, as a licensed boat captain. I enjoy scuba diving and hiking the deserts and mountains with my two grown sons.
  • What is your favorite mantra? “Yoga teaches us to change the things in our life that should not be endured and endure the things that cannot be changed.”
  • What is your favorite yoga style? I enjoy how Warm Dharma Flow, as it loosens up my body and the uplifting spiritual message always inspires me.
  • What is your favorite pose? I just love the liberation from gravity of hurdle pose (Eka Pada Koundinyasana II)

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