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class etiquette

What to bring to class

A mat (we have mat rentals available for $3, towel rentals for $2 and a wide assortment of mats for sale), a towel; arrive to class clean preferably showered, no shoes, no socks are preferred but optional, comfortable work out clothing, and most importantly bring an open heart and mind! Have fun, explore your practice in our judgement-free zone. If it is your first class please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start so we can show you around.


Being “on-time” to a yoga class, means arriving at minimum 5 minutes before class starts. Your reservation will be given up to a stand-by student, if you are not there 5 minutes early. Teachers are instructed to close the door 5-minutes prior to class start, in order to respect students that are in class on time and to avoid disruptions from late arrivals.


Please refrain from eating 1 hour prior to practice and 30 minutes after practice.


Please bathe before practice and avoid wearing any strong scented products.


Please ensure your mat, towel and other yoga gear are clean and odor free.


Please leave shoes, bags and clothes in the cubicles in the main lobby. Please turn cell phones to silent and please do not use cell phones in the yoga rooms.


Please refrain from wearing lotions, moisturizers or oils. These make skin slippery during your practice, block skin pores and make it difficult to adjust safely.


Please communicate any injuries, pregnancy or illnesses to the teacher. If you have a cold, flu or are fighting an infection please stay home and rest. It has been shown that coming to a yoga class sick not only infects others, but it can further depress your immune system and force respiratory infections to deeper areas of the lungs.


If you arrive late, please honor the other students and wait until the teacher has finished the opening sequence before entering class. When you enter late, please get the teacher’s approval before entering and then enter as quietly as possible.


In class there are three rows, separated by black lines on the floor. Please be respectful in the way you place your mat to allow room for other students.