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Feeling stressed? Try our "Massage w/ Energy Healing" with David, to release emotional and physical tension, using traditional Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing, Vibrating Crystals, Reflexology, Acupressure and Aromatherapy.. $99 (only $69 for Platinum Members) For More Info Click Here

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Click Here to Purchase a Gift Card for 30-Days of Unlimited Yoga & Meditation (Special $59)

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who we are

WE ARE OPEN! We offer both in person (studio) classes and online classes, 7-Days a week, with 33 highly trained instructors.

With classes 7-Days a week, Energy Yoga should have a class style and time to meet the busiest schedules.

Energy Yoga serves the South Florida area offering Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Teacher Training, Stress & Anxiety Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Energy Healing, Reiki, Physical Therapy and more…

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Second Edition just Released - The Path of Light

A guide for the student of yoga, as they deepen their practice, or for those on the journey to becoming a yoga teacher.

Order today: Ebook, B&W Paperback or Full Color Book

Energy Yoga featured in NBC Universal / Telemundo

200 - Hour Teacher Training

Our Teachers


Pricing & Packages

  • General Yoga & Meditation Class packages for all your yoga needs
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200 - Hour Teacher Training

Teacher Training

  • 200 & 300 hour Teacher Training courses w/ David Scott Yglesias
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Our Classes

  • We offer classes 7-days a week from 6:00 am until 8:45 pm.
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our mission

“Making yoga, meditation and wellness programs affordable and accessible to everyone, in a safe, judgment free space of self-discovery. We seek to guide students to find the best version of themselves (body, mind & spirit) through their practice.”

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Hips do not lie. It's time to listen to them, feel, heal, release and let go. The mind and body connection is real! When it comes to repressed emotions and/or contained fears, our hips are the direct receiver to highlight and communicate what the conscious tries to distract or cover up. In this physical and emotional liberation workshop Azalea @azaleaesquerre and alis @lis_monti will guide you through that complex joint that unites the upper and lower body, designed for our mobility and stability. Saturday November 5 @1pm use link in bio to sign up 💜 . . . #workshop #yogaworkshop #yogaindoral #yogainmiami #yogapractice #hipmobility #yogaforhips

Join Elvira @elvirabarcalahealingcoach for Shamanic Breathwork and Sound Healing Workshop on October 29 at 4pm This is a very powerful healing modality that really helps to release any emotional or physical blockage. Register via link in our bio today DM us with any questions . . . #breathwork #breath #soundhealing #soundhealer #workshop #yogaworkshop #yogaclass #yogastudio #yogaindoral

Energy Yoga mats are back in stock! 🎉 Upgrade to a this gorgeous professional non- slip mat to support your practice or gift it to someone you care about. Members get 20% OFF 😉 Which color would you choose? . . . #yogamat #yogastudio #yogagear #yogastudioindoral