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Click Here to Purchase a Gift Card for 30-Days of Unlimited Yoga & Meditation (Special $59)

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who we are

WE ARE OPEN! We offer both in person (studio) classes and online classes, 7-Days a week, with 19 highly trained instructors.

With classes 7-Days a week, Energy Yoga should have a class style and time to meet the busiest schedules.

Energy Yoga serves the South Florida area offering Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Teacher Training, Stress & Anxiety Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Energy Healing, Reiki, Physical Therapy and more…

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Second Edition just Released - The Path of Light

A guide for the student of yoga, as they deepen their practice, or for those on the journey to becoming a yoga teacher.

Order today: Ebook, B&W Paperback or Full Color Book

Energy Yoga featured in NBC Universal / Telemundo

200 - Hour Teacher Training

Our Teachers


Pricing & Packages

  • General Yoga & Meditation Class packages for all your yoga needs
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200 - Hour Teacher Training

Teacher Training

  • 200 hour Teacher Training courses w/ David Scott Yglesias
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Our Classes

  • We offer classes 7-days a week from 6:00 am until 8:45 pm.
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our mission

“Making yoga, meditation and wellness programs affordable and accessible to everyone, in a safe, judgment free space of self-discovery. We seek to guide students to find the best version of themselves (body, mind & spirit) through their practice.”

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Energy Yoga mats are back in stock! 🎉 Upgrade to a this gorgeous professional non- slip mat to support your practice or gift it to someone you care about. Members get 20% OFF 😉 Which color would you choose? . . . #yogamat #yogastudio #yogagear #yogastudioindoral

🚨Workshop Alert🚨 Join Sam Berg @sambergyoga on July 9th @ 1:00pm for The Importance of Alignment Workshop. In this special two-hour class, you will learn the correct alignment of some of the fundamentals asanas to find balance and symmetry on your practice. You will explore the practice from different angles, and learn mini drills you can take home with you. By creating better patterns on your mat, you will be creating better patterns in your life. All levels are welcome! Follow the link in our bio to sign up ☯️