A Conscious Community of Artists

The artists of YogiTunes don't just walk the path, they are the path. Their music is used every day all over the world to enhance experiences in the healing arts. Their vibrations are truly medicinal and emanate from each artist choosing to live a more conscious life on this planet.

YogiTunes is dedicated to supporting their work through fair trade, ethical business practices that ensure they get paid healthy royalty rates and benefit from exposure to audiences they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Fair trade music means that YogiTunes deals directly with independent artists and record labels all over the world to ensure top quality music is curated for our listeners while fair rates are paid back to the creators who are fueling the revolution of conscious music on planet Earth.

Yogitunes makes sure value is provided to both listener and creator, while maintaining conscious, ethical business practices at every level of our operation. This also includes fair employment opportunities across gender lines, a highly human oriented workplace and a compassionate approach to community building both locally and globally.

Yogitunes makes sure artists get paid.


DJTaz - Free Royalty-Free Yoga Music Collection

Known as a yogi's musical guide to Samadhi, DJ Taz Rashid supports people all over the world during their daily yoga practice. This Royalty-Free Yoga Music Library (a paid subscription) is available for yoga teachers who are teaching classes online and in person. With over 800 songs that were produced specifically for yoga, you won't find a better royalty-free yoga music library.