- Requires Credit or Debit Card with autopay that can be canceled by student at anytime $14.95 a month & $10 per class.


- Unlimited Access to Regular Yoga & Meditation Classes, including Live Streaming.
- Unlimited Access to Prerecorded Video Library of Guided Meditations and Yoga Classes.
- 1 hour - Massage w/Reiki & Energy Healing - Member only price: $69 (Regular $99)
- 1 hour - Private Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama (Breathing exercises) class - Member Only Price $69 (Regular price $99)
- 1 hour - PTYoga: Physical Therapy and Yoga w/Dr. Padilla $89 (Regular price $129)
 - Full Access to all Yoga & Meditation Classes, including live streaming virtual classes. - 20% - Discount Retail Products and Workshops.
- One Month FREE, if you do not suspend or cancel for 11-months.
-Bring a new friend for free once a month with your membership.
Requires Credit or Debit Card with autopay that can be canceled by student at anytime.


Your membership is for 12 months with convenient automatic payments to your credit card. If you wish to discontinue the automatic payments or auto renewal at any time, just complete our online form, 5 days prior to your billing cycle. ALL MEMBERSHIP CANCELATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED ON LINE: CLICK HERE TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP

As a THANK YOU for your loyalty, after 11 continuous months, Platinum Members will earn a "FREE" month.

All sales are final. - If you are unable to attend class and had not paused your membership, please understand a refund is not possible. EY plans its schedule and pays teachers as well as other expenses, based on the number of active memberships. The member will be responsible for any credit card dispute fees, plus a $200 administrative fee, if member disputes charge without adhering to our mutually agreed policy.

Thank you for being a part of Energy Yoga & Wellness family!


Su membresía es por 12 meses con convenientes pagos automáticos a su tarjeta de crédito. Si desea interrumpir los pagos automáticos o la renovación automática en cualquier momento, visite nuestro sitio web: pestaña “Pricing & Packages " y compita el formulario "Cancelar o suspender" en la parte inferior de la página, 5 días antes de su facturación. ciclo. Puede suspender su membresía en cualquier momento por una tarifa de $18.

Como un AGRADECIMIENTO a su lealtad, después de 11 meses continuos, Platinum Members se le otorgará un mes "GRATIS".

Todas las ventas son finales. - Si no puede asistir a la clase y no ha cancelado su membresía, entienda que no es posible un reembolso. EY planifica su horario y paga a los maestros, así como otros gastos, basados en el número de membresías activas -. Si el afiliado disputa algún cargo a su tarjeta de crédito, sin adherirse a nuestra política de mutuo acuerdo, será responsable del cargo adicional que se genere de esta transacción, más una tarifa administrativa de $200.

¡Gracias por ser parte de la familia Energy Yoga & Wellness!

Member Benefits:

· One month free after 11-months of membership

· Discounts on Massages - $69 for a one hour session ($99 regular price)

· 20% off retail items in the store

· 20% off Workshops

- Bring a friend for free once a month

What to bring to class: A mat (We have rentals available for $3 and a wide assortment of mats for sale), a towel, arrive to class clean preferably showered, no shoes, no socks are preferred but optional if your uncomfortable barefoot, comfortable work out clothing, and most importantly bring an open heart and mind! Have fun, explore your practice in our judgement-free zone. If it is your first class please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start so we can show you around. See you on the mat.


· Being “on-time” to a yoga class, means arriving 5 minutes before class starts. Your reservation may be given up to a standby student, if you are not there 5 minutes early.

· Please refrain from eating 1 hour prior to practice and 30 mins after practice.

· Please bathe before practice and avoid wearing any strong scented products.

· Please ensure your mat, towel and other yoga gear are clean and odor free.

· Please leave shoes, bags and clothes in the cubicles in the main lobby. Please turn cell phones to silent.

· Please refrain from wearing lotions, moisturizers or oils. These make skin slippery during your practice, block skin pores and make it difficult to adjust safely.

· Please communicate any injuries or illnesses to the teacher. If you have a cold, flu or are fighting an infection please stay home and rest. It has been shown that coming to a yoga class sick not only infects others, but it can further depress your immune system and force respiratory infections to deeper areas of the lungs.

· If you arrive late, please honor the other students and wait until the teacher has finished this opening sequence before entering class. When you enter late, please get the teacher’s approval before entering and then enter as quietly as possible.

· Please be respectful in the way you place your mat to allow room for other students.

Thank you for being a part of Energy Yoga & Wellness family!